Absolutely Exhilarating

To be having these sessions with you in my mid-fifties has been absolutely exhilarating. It is a rare gift, to be given a space, with someone so intuitive and of such exceptional emotional insight and empathy, to explore the cavernous and inaccessible parts of my psyche that I have neither the tools nor the courage to navigate through myself. Each session, in a unique way, takes me to long avoided territory (or, mostly, areas of myself of which I am unaware), and opens doors for light to enter.

Sometimes the result is gently joyous and affirming; and sometimes, it’s a Pandora’s box that has me doing battle with awkward and painful issues. You have the wonderful ability to judge the pace at which we can take things. Your love and freedom from all judgement make it possible – and such a relief! – to explore areas of my being and of my life that I could not trust anyone else with. You surprise me, always, with the accuracy and depth of your understanding.

I find that something happens, almost effortlessly, as you guide me through territory that is strange and yet familiar. And afterwards, without thinking about it, I realise that some aspect of me has changed, at a profound level.

With huge gratitude, and with love.