Learn to Communicate from the Heart with Bennie Naude

Superior presentation skills lead to deeper personal connections and relationships, an increase in leads & sales, more people knowing, liking and trusting you,  and an enhanced personal brand. Bennie Naude is a Master facilitator and trainer. He is the founder and creator of one of the most life changing and in-depth personal transformational workshops that I’ve had the privilege of attending: Fall in Love with Presenting AND his website holds a wealth of additional information. He runs courses and events throughout the year and in different countries around the...

Freedom through forgiveness – Knysna 28th May 2016

A few weeks ago Bennie Naude and I ran our first Freedom Through Forgiveness workshop in Knysna. I was really awed and moved by the transformations I witnessed by the end of the day – and the feedback we received from participants long after the workshop showed that the decisions and revelations were life changing and powerful. To find out more about what others thought watch this video Our next workshop is on the 28th May in Knysna. The workshop runs from 9am -about 8pm with lunch and dinner and snacks provided. The fee is R1250. If you would like to join us or would like more information then please contact us or Click here to register When you decide You matter then You make different...

The intricacies of a Mother’s Journey – Post natal depression and healing

I would like to share this very moving story with you. It was so poignant how this beautiful woman found links from her past that seemed so totally unrelated and yet had created filters that clouded her ability to bond with her son. A client suffered from postnatal depression after the birth of her 3rd child. She often experienced a sense of overwhelm and of feeling unsupported. She came to see me when her children older and yet she still experienced a sense of guilt and disconnect when she thinks about that time. Working with Matrix Birth re-imprinting I asked her to find a time that she remembered feeling very alone and disconnected to her baby.She remembers a night where her baby would not sleep and she felt so alone and angry with him. We tapped on her frustration, aloneness and feeling unsupported. With her baby asleep, we reprogrammed the belief to feeling supported and loving her baby. This memory triggered a previous memory of shock when she was told she was having a baby boy. The echo felt trapped, angry and guilty.  We allowed her to vent these feelings without judgement and release her fears. She replaced her fear with– having a baby is sacred. Then she remembered an event which she says put a lot of things onto perspective – her first pregnancy was traumatic in the relationship with an emotionally abusive partner. He would not claim the child as his if it was not a boy. She remembered her fear of her baby being a boy and being linked to this man and the fear of if it...

Thoughts about forgiveness

Find the Courage to open up to spaces in your heart and Soul to love yourself enough to choose what you need. Forgiveness is not about the ‘other’ or the event. It is all about you and your relationship with yourself.

Freedom Through Forgiveness is a 1 day workshop with Bennie Naude and Jeanne Booth.
Knysna 23rd April 2016, Cape Town 7th May 2016, Joburg 21st May 2016

Freedom Through Forgiveness

The Freedom Through Forgiveness day workshop is not about learning to turn the ‘other cheek’ or letting ‘them’ off the hook. It’s an opportunity for you to have a look at how you love yourself.
1 Day Workshop With Jeanne Booth and Bennie Naude
Knysna 23 April, Cape Town 7 May, Jozi 21 May

Balancing Hormones Naturally with Seed Cycling

Ladies, if you feel like hormones are ruling your life or if you suffer from menstrual cramps, back aches, PMS, fatigue, headaches, irregular cycles, food cravings, acne, bloating, or anxiety then this article is for you! It turns out that just because these symptoms are common doesn’t mean they are normal or necessary. It’s possible to balance your hormones naturally and eliminate painful and frustrating symptoms with seed cycling.

Honouring the Self

Of all the judgements that we pass in life, none is as important as the one we pass on ourselves, for that judgement touches the very centre of our existence.

…No significant aspect of our thinking, motivation, feelings, or behaviour is unaffected by our self evaluation…

Foods to avoid for Fertility

When you are trying to conceive there are certain foods to avoid for fertility health, like raw fish. On the upside, there are certain quick and easy changes you can make to your diet which will dramatically boost your fertility so lets start with the good news! According to a study published in Nature Cell Biology a diet rich in organic foods and devoid of tobacco, caffeine and alcohol is the best way to protect your fertility from damage. Of course organic foods are the best fertility insurance. Here are some tips to get you started: Pregnant women who regularly eat fruit and especially vegetables are 46% less likely to miscarry Vegetables should be lightly steamed to avoid nutrient loss and digestive problems Fruit should be eaten alone, not with other food. It should be limited to 2 pieces per day and dried fruit should be completely avoided. A Lancet study found women who ate 350g or more of certain fish each week during pregnancy gave birth to children with more advanced verbal IQ scores, social skills, and communication than those mothers who ate little or no fish. WARNING: Research shows that some fish can be toxic to your fertility, even decreasing your chances of conception and your ability to create a healthy baby.  That is why it is essential to know what foods to avoid for fertility, which fish are safe to eat and how to add them to your diet. Protein is an important part of a healthy diet however if you were a big fan of raw fish foods it’s vital to know that when eating...

The Importance of being specific with EFT

Tapping on global issues is the single most common mistake newcomers make with EFT. Using lists of tapping phrases from a website or a book, or tapping on generalities, is far less effective than tuning into the events that contributed to your global problem, and tapping on them.

If you hear someone say, “EFT doesn’t work,” the chances are good they’ve been tapping globally rather than identifying specific events.

Be Born Again – Literally

Did you know that every cell in your body is replaced every seven years? It’s true—at the cellular level, the oldest you get is about seven years old. I remember years ago hearing Deepak Chopra speak about this. He said that the only reason we keep creating the same body—or one that seems to deteriorate with age—is that we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again.

The Sobering Facts About Egg Freezing That Nobody’s Talking About

To those of you considering egg freezing mainly because you’re worried about your age I sincerely recommend learning as much as you can about the process and risks and that you follow the above protocols. These could be a part of a solution that, if you’re willing to embrace the fullness of it, will benefit your entire body and “reverse” your biological age.

Pregnancy Practice

I believe that pregnancy ITSELF is a sacred journey, not just the BIRTH part, and its critical that we recognize that as true. We have given women a huge dis-service by filling their heads up with so much “birthy” knowledge that she gets overwhelmed instead of uplifted, educated instead of prepared.

The Benefits of Conscious Conception

The practice of conscious conception has brought hope and happiness to women and their partners by helping them to overcome their personal obstacles and successfully conceive and maintain healthy pregnancies. Conscious conception begins with your intention to invite a child into your family. As you refine your intention for the highest good, and practice communicating your intention, you will experience a shift within yourself.

MBR – My story

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing techniques I have had the privilege of working with. Here is a session that I did with a colleague around the birth of my daughter Jaeda. We established that Jeanne was in labour.  Tuning in to how she was feeling – she felt devastated as she had just been told that labour was not progressing, that there were some complications and she would have to have a Caesar. We spent some time working with her in this space and supporting her to release the fear, shock, disappointment. We also spent some time working with Linden as he was experiencing a lot of shock and sadness and feeling helpless in the face of his wife’s emotions and his own worry about his baby. What came up was that she couldn’t have what she wanted. When we asked when was the first time she had experienced this she replied 3 years old.  We went down the timeline and found the 3 year old Jeanne.  She was feeling really angry and helpless and upset about something – really not sure what it was and couldn’t get and answer.  So we worked with her feelings around it and supported her to feel better and let this go. When we introduced colour into the session we asked her what colour would support her to feeling better and more empowered , she wanted to roll around in a rainbow.  What a joy she experienced.  And was there anything she wanted that would help her feel that she could get what she wanted and...