Conscious Conception

Conscious conception is more about Who You are Being in the process of consciously inviting a child into your life and less about how hard you are trying. It is the Art and practice of Intention to invite a baby into your family.

How would you like your journey to becoming a parent to be fun, deeply transformative, inspiring and life changing?

How would it feel to have tools to create and change your life?

Would you like to feel empowered in decisions and choices that you make and to feel supported along your journey?

Would you like to love and create the life that wants to be born through you in a way you never really knew you could?

What if it was more about becoming and being You and less about trying and doing?


Everything is energy at its core.

With every choice we make and action we take,

we have the power to expand our life force,

 And we can never truly force life.

or diminish and drain it.

Instead we want to align with it.

Elizabeth Manning

Bruce Lipton has done some exciting research on the connection between genetics and beliefs. According to research: ‘parents act as genetic engineers for their children in the months before conception’ What is going on in the lives of the parents during the time of genomic imprinting – the time when the egg and sperm mature – has a profound influence on the mind and the body of their child. (Bruce Lipton – The biology of belief pg 142)

If we are going to make the world a more beautiful place

with better leadership, solutions,

and higher quality of human existence,

it needs to start with the seeds we plant into our lives, bodies, our every thought, now.

Our future is determined by the choices we make this moment.

Our conception begins by connecting the soul to the body to ignite our creative potential

 so we can confidently lead our children to theirs.

Elizabeth Manning

Knowing that conception is a spiritual act is the first truth to a conscious conception. (Conscious Conception & Creative Essence by Mary Ceallaigh & Mother Tree Birth)

How much better to become a conscious parent so that your children and their children will be conscious parents … making for a happier, more peaceful planet.

Bruce Lipton

Conscious Conception Blogs

Mind Your Womb – by Nadirah Angail

This is a powerful blog written by Nadirah Angail. When we reach across the boundaries and inject our opinions, thoughts, wishes where they are not asked for, we risk a deep wounding experience. Allow each woman her journey and stand as her defender, her sister, her support. Then we have the right to call her name and hold her hand.

Pregnancy Practice

I believe that pregnancy ITSELF is a sacred journey, not just the BIRTH part, and its critical that we recognize that as true. We have given women a huge dis-service by filling their heads up with so much “birthy” knowledge that she gets overwhelmed instead of uplifted, educated instead of prepared.

The Benefits of Conscious Conception

The practice of conscious conception has brought hope and happiness to women and their partners by helping them to overcome their personal obstacles and successfully conceive and maintain healthy pregnancies. Conscious conception begins with your intention to invite a child into your family. As you refine your intention for the highest good, and practice communicating your intention, you will experience a shift within yourself.

A Passionate Call for Action

The world needs to become more aware about the birthing field. The lack of information is our “weakest link”. We need to become informed about conscious procreation