What to expect when we work together

I have worked with many people around the world over the 25 years of running my Practice and trained with some of the most amazing gifted Facilitators and mentors. I’ve learnt a lot during this time and one of the most important is that YOU are the one that can heal and balance your body and I totally believe and trust in your innate ability to know what you need. I am the facilitator – that is to make easy – and with the skills that I have learnt I support and encourage you on your journey.

To make sure that I can be of the best service to you and create as much of a healing space as possible, I have put the following steps in place:

  • I limit the number of clients that I see at one time:  I work with a maximum of 10 clients at a time so that I can be sure to give you the focus and attention that you deserve. With the commitments to my family, travel and running workshops, and retreats there may be times that I will not be taking clients.
  • 6 sessions over 2 months:  I am committed to support you on your healing journey and encourage you to make the same commitment to yourself. To support this, it works best when we focus on a particular issue, belief or pattern that you want to change. Short focused periods of deep commitment and intention can work miracles in your life. To make this easier, I suggest blocks of 6 sessions over 2 months This helps with continuity and consistency and to make sure that you get the support you need. It is often in between sessions that insights and other important information comes up that you can bring to our next session; and the focus helps to install new shifts along the way. Any journey, and especially the one ‘Within’ comes with ups and downs and it’s important to feel you have the support along the way. (Previous or existing clients are welcome to book on an ad-hoc basis but I suggest we chat about this first.)
  • Skype, phone or in person: I work from my rooms in Knysna so we can set up 1-2-1 sessions there, or via Skype.
  • Change work created and designed specifically for you:  When you take responsibility for your healing then MAGIC happens. I will suggest some Change-work practices that are designed to support you to integrate what happened in our sessions in-between sessions.



To Make a Booking with me:

Click on the button below to email me to make your appointment.

Alternatively you can call me directly.  (27) 083 692 2970

Sessions are 1 hr. You will be charged for appointments not cancelled within 24 hours.