EFT and Fright with kids

This morning got off to a heady start. As I was charging off to school with my young children singing hadida songs at the top of our lungs, we were brought down to earth in a staggering and shocking way. I hit a man on a bike.


No other way around it.

He rolled over the top of my car, his bike underneath.

It turned out he was unhurt except for shock and a graze on his arm and knee and he climbed back on his bike and rode off. I think the anger sustained him for his ride home.

My children and I however were pretty shaken. Josh, only 5 was terrified I would be carted off by the police never to be seen again. Jaeda, 7, said” the fright is in my whole body Mummy.

I decided that I’d bring in normality as quickly as I can so continued onto school and did BORROWING BENEFITS

While driving, I had Jaeda tap on my hand and squeeze my fingers telling her that I needed her help. While she was tapping I had both of them repeating after me telling them it was for my help so that I could feel calmer and drive safely. Within 5 minutes they were both much calmer, as was I, able to talk about it more easily. Josh even reprimanded me for not concentrating and challenged me to take more responsibility.

After dropping Josh off I was able to work with Jaeda and colour. It was fascinating how much she had remembered and absorbed after watching me do a session with her father a few weeks ago, before he went off to do a presentation. She remembered how to identify a colour of what the bad feeling was and to find it in her body and then to bring a healing and calming colour in. And all the while she was tapping and squeezing and allowing herself to let go. As we drove up to school she started yawning and sighing – what a joyous sound to hear. She was happy to run off to class.

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