Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Thanks Jeanne. Thanks for the thumbs up and confidence. I feel my long wait is over.. the real me is stepping up to claim this life I am in right now fully and completely. So completely grateful our paths have crossed…Your wise words resonate with me. Be blessed.


I have just completed a lovely calming and embracing session with Jeanne who deftly allowed my conscious and subconscious inner corps to explore, and acquaint myself with different facets of deeply held long term grief that I have had within me for many decades. I feel a sense of release and freedom.

A huge thank you.


Are you looking for a way to release stress, fears, anxiety, grief and addictions?

Anger, fear, stress and other negative emotions are specific thought fields that your body translates into energetic patterns.

EFT is a simple, innovative tapping procedure that you can use yourself to eliminate emotional distress & unresolved issues thus rapidly gaining emotional balance.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very simple and profoundly powerful technique designed to release negative emotions from the body.

EFT is based on the premise that there are energy systems that run throughout the body, called meridians. EFT works within this energetic system. The flow of energy is stimulated and the body’s healing potential is released.

‘EFT appears to balance and neutralise these disturbances in the meridian system. The premise of EFT is that physical and emotional issues are caused by a disruption in our body’s energy system. There is a connection between our conscious and subconscious thoughts and blockages in our body. While focusing on the issue or problem and simultaneously tapping through a sequence of acupressure points, we release the blockage and get physical or emotional relief. ‘     (Louise Hay: EFT-and-louise-hays-new-thought-patterns)

Our body and mind and emotions are intricately linked. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs all have energy or vibrations attached to them. In fact, our emotions and our thoughts are literally energy, or “energy in motion”.

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”.

(Gary Craig, the founder of EFT)


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a member of a new class of treatment techniques and protocols referred to as Energy Therapy. While still considered experimental, these techniques are being used by therapists, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists and lay people worldwide.

To-date, EFT and other Energy Therapy Techniques have yielded exceptional results in the treatment of psychological and physical problems.

EFT does NOT replace appropriate medical treatment or mental health therapy.

If you use these techniques on yourself or others, you must agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being and you are required to advise your clients to do the same.

It is advisable to check with your primary care physician before beginning any new regimen (diet, exercise, stretching, yoga, martial arts, or EFT).



How it works:

EFT follows a very simple process. It consists of basically 2 steps:

  1. Tune into a specific issue mentally, emotionally and physically, and
  2. ‘Tapping’ on or stimulating specific meridian points, with our fingers.

“When our energy systems become imbalanced, we have an electrical “zzzzzt” effect going on inside. Straighten out this “zzzzzt” by properly using EFT and the negative emotion goes away.

It’s that simple. (Gary Craig)

Tuning into the issue or problem while tapping with EFT helps to break the link between the emotional reaction and the thought. You know how some days you can have a thought and you feel fine, while on others, there is a charge and you can feel depressed or fearful. By tapping with EFT one can break this link. It goes beyond willpower and intelligence. Most of these feelings were set up when we were children and as adults we find them ‘illogical’ and without base. But they are still there. EFT balances these disturbances in the body’s energy system and sometimes this can happen in a matter of minutes.

What to expect:

EFT can be used to work on any issue, memory or limiting belief. And the wonderful thing is that it is relatively painless.

We carry around emotionally charged memories, negative emotions, feelings and limiting beliefs that have such an impact on how we are in this world. Many of these memories are from many years ago and most of the time we are unaware of the impact they have on our present emotions. So they may contribute to the current emotion we are experiencing but are not the direct cause.

In an EFT session it is not necessary to relive these painful memories. In fact it is often counter-productive and damaging to do so.

“… there is relatively little emotional suffering involved with EFT. It is comparatively painless. You will be asked to briefly recall your problem (there may be some discomfort in that), but that is all. There is no need to relive the pain. In fact, with EFT, generating prolonged emotional discomfort is frowned upon. This is but one example of where EFT is a radical departure from conventional methods.” (Gary Craig)

The difference between EFT and conventional therapy:

As discussed in WHAT TO EXPECT, the main difference is these two modalities is that EFT does not focus on treating the memoryOne particular memory can have a myriad of aspects and emotions linked to it.  EFT works on unravelling each one of these as the session progresses without re-traumatisation or reliving the specific memory until it is “safe” to do so. EFT neutralises the “zzzzzt” effect on the body’s energy system.

Imagine you are walking along a path and you see a long thin snake like object lying across the path at your feet. You immediately think this is a snake. Within milliseconds your body is flooded with adrenalin to prepare you to take action. At a second look you realise this is a stick. The “zzzzzt” effect is neutralised with this realisation and there is nothing you can do to make yourself believe that the stick is a snake.

We all have different responses to what our world shows us. No two people will experience the same event in the same way. That is why some people are bothered by certain events and others not. We each have our own trigger and story to a memory and event. The difference is that some people have a tendency for their energy systems to become imbalanced under such memories, while others do not.

With EFT the practitioner doesn’t even have to know the specifics about an event. The client’s subconscious knows and that is what is important. So an issue can be dealt with without even being named or disclosed.

The energy system would be balanced (by appropriate tapping) and internal calm would replace the negative emotion. The result would be rapid relief because the true cause was being addressed. This happens repeatedly with EFT.


How can I use EFT?

“The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

This includes fears, phobias, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, traumatic memories, PTSD, worry, guilt and all limiting emotions in sports, business and the performing arts. That’s a comprehensive list and covers just about every restrictive emotion we can experience.

Differently stated, this means that all these negative emotions have the same cause….an electrical “zzzzzt” in the body. It also means…

…that they can all be relieved in a similar manner.

Thus, grief has the same basic cause as trauma, guilt, fear and a baseball player’s hitting slump. So the same general method can be used for all these problems.

EFT Provides Impressive Physical Relief

The medical profession has long known that emotional issues can dramatically affect our body chemistry and that, in turn, can lead to everything from rashes and headaches to addictions, impaired immune systems and cancer. We see consistent evidence of this when we apply EFT.  As guilt, anger, fear, trauma and the like become resolved, physical ailments often subside simultaneously.

“EFT can assist physical healing by resolving
underlying energetic or emotional contributors.”  (Extract from Gary Craig)


EFT and other modalities

EFT is the perfect complement to the techniques and therapies you already use, like coaching, NLP, massage, reiki, reflexology, psycho-therapy, physio and other.

Use EFT yourself:

EFT is a simple and powerful self-help technique that you can use for yourself.

There are a series of simple steps to follow.

  1. Identify the issue – be specific
  2. Score the intensity of this issue
  3. Use the Set-Up statement tapping on the Karate chop point or Sore Spot
  4. Tap on the meridian points using the Reminder Phrase
  5. Tap on the Gamut point and use breath, humming, eye movements to release
  6. Check on how you feel and if required repeat the procedure

1. Identify the Issue

Identify a SPECIFIC emotional or physical problem or issue. Focus on and name the emotion you are feeling, such as “anger,” “guilt,” or “sadness.” If you cannot name the specific feeling, just call it “this emotion,” or “this problem.” Physical pain and discomfort can also be treated with EFT. Simply describe the problem as this “sinus headache,” “lower back pain,” or “arthritis pain in my left knee.”

Next, rate the INTENSITY of the problem on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most intense and zero being no intensity at all. This scale from 0-10 is called the SUDs (Subjective Units of Disorder) and is used throughout the EFT procedure.

There are two parts to The Setup:

  1. Repeat a Setup Statement 3X while…
  2. Continuously rubbing the Sore Spot or tapping the Karate Chop Point.

The SETUP STATEMENT follows the format of acknowledging that you have a problem and then affirming self-acceptance. The default Setup Statement is, “Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Examples include, “Even though I have this sinus headache, I deeply and completely accept myself,” and “Even though I have this anger, I deeply and completely accept myself.” It doesn’t matter whether you believe the affirmation or not, just say it. And it’s more effective to emphasize the words” deeply and completely.

To find the SORE SPOT, place two fingertips in the hollow of your neck. Then go straight down the chest about three inches, then over to either side three inches. This spot may be a little sore. There should not be intense pain when rubbing this point. If there is any medical reason for you not to probe this area, use the Karate Chop point instead.

The KARATE CHOP POINT is the fleshy part of the hand below the outside of the little finger, the area that is contacted when you make a karate chop motion on the side of a table. Tap on that spot with two fingers of your dominant hand while repeating the setup statement three times. Either the Karate Chop Point or the Sore Spot may be used during The Setup.


Perform the Tapping Sequence by tapping about five times on each of the points listed below while repeating a Reminder Phrase and focusing on the problem. The best Reminder Phrase is a few words description about the emotion or problem named in the Setup Statement.

  1. Top of the head
  2. Eyebrow
  3. Side of eye
  4. Under the eye
  5. Under the nose/ top lip
  6. Bottom lip/ chin
  7. Collarbone
  8. Under the arm

You can tap on points on either side of the body; you can even change sides during the sequence. Tap just enough to stimulate the energy; don’t tap hard enough to harm yourself.


The 9 Gamut Procedure is a brain-balancing exercise that involves eye movements, humming, and counting. Always follow the 9 Gamut with another round of tapping as this adds efficiency to EFT and hastens progress. The 9 Gamut does not always need to be included in the process. However, if you do not get relief from the first two steps of EFT, then include the 9 Gamut followed by another round of tapping.

First, locate the Gamut Point on the back of the hand by making a fist and drawing a triangle back from the knuckles at the base of the baby finger and ring finger. The depression in the middle of this triangle is known as the Gamut Point. Keep your mind tuned to the problem, tap on the Gamut Point continuously, and look straight ahead and:

  1. Close eyes
  2. Open Eyes
  3. Look down to the floor to the right
    (keep head steady)
  4. Look down to the floor to the left
    (head steady)
  5. Roll your eyes around in a circle
  6. Roll eyes in the opposite direction
  7. Hum 5 seconds of a song – one you make up at the time
  8. Count in numbers using any sequence ( Eg. count back from 40 – 30)
  9. Hum 5 seconds of a song again.


Tap about five times on each of the following points while repeating a Reminder Phrase and focusing on the problem:

Once a full round of EFT is complete, take a deep breath and focus on the emotion or physical problem you were addressing. Rate the intensity of the ORIGINAL problem or issue on the 0 – 10 scale. Then compare this number with the original rating before you began EFT. You will either feel COMPLETE relief, PARTIAL relief, or NO relief.

If you have COMPLETE RELIEF, you experienced, in a few moments, the power of EFT. On the conservative side, a few more rounds of tapping may help the effectiveness of the process and ensure that the original problem won’t return.

When there is PARTIAL RELIEF in the level of intensity, the REMAINDER of the problem needs to be addressed with another round or so of EFT. In the subsequent rounds, it is important to adjust the Setup Statement and the Reminder Phrase to address the rest of the emotion or feeling. Use wording similar to, Even though I STILL have SOME of this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself,during the Setup Statement. Then repeat, This REMAINING problem,” during the Tapping Sequence. Do as many rounds of EFT as necessary until the intensity of your problem is a zero.


Emotional Freedom Techniques is fast becoming one of the world’s leading natural therapies.

Cheryl Richardson, author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace “EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century.”

Now taking off in South Africa, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is here to change everything. A well-established and profoundly powerful Energy Psychology therapy in its own right, EFT is also the perfect complement to the techniques and therapies you already use, like coaching, NLP, massage, reiki, reflexology, psycho-therapy, physio and other.

Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of The Biology of Belief. “EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behaviour.”

Norm Shealy, MD, author of Soul Medicine. “By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.”

Donna Eden, co-author of The Promise of Energy Psychology. “EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school.”

Deepak Chopra, author of more than fifty books and co-creator of the Chopra Centre. “EFT offers great healing benefits.”

Joe Vitale, author of The Secret “I’ve used tapping for years and highly recommend it!”

Research Articles:

Fortunately, there’s very real science (and results!) behind it, says Nick Ortner in the Huffing Post.

In partnership with Dr. David Feinstein, Dr. Church has been able to confirm that tapping on specific meridian points has a positive effect on cortisol levels. Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” is integral to our body’s “fight or flight” response. Originally designed to help us survive life in the wild, the “fight or flight” response was essential when our ancient ancestors were faced with sudden, brief danger like, let’s say, a tiger. However useful in short bursts, releasing cortisol too frequently, as we seem to be doing in response to the ongoing or “chronic” stress of modern life, may have serious, even scary, impacts on our physical, mental and emotional health. In fact, living in this kind of biological “survival mode” may be making us more vulnerable to everything from cancer to heart disease, and more.

Research suggests that EFT may be so effective because of its perceived ability to balance out the nervous system, leveling off the activity of the parasympathetic and sympathetic regions. Responsible for promoting cell regeneration and relaxation, the parasympathetic region helps to slow your heartbeat, support digestion, and more. The sympathetic system, on the other hand, prepares you for vigorous physical activity by speeding up your heart, constricting your pupils, and so on.

Imbalance between these two regions is associated with a long list of health issues, from high blood pressure and heart problems (most often seen in those with an overactive sympathetic region), to depression, fatigue, and weakened immune response (in those with excessive parasympathetic activity).

In his study findings, Church asserts that EFT, which he refers to as “acupoint treatments” produces “a neutral emotional state,” which, biologically speaking, is the gold standard of health and wellness. It’s also the state of well-being people have sought to achieve for millennia through meditation, prayer, yoga, and other mindfulness practices.

Dr. Feinstein, a clinical psychologist who uses EFT in his own practice, adds that EFT is an “unusually precise, rapid, and direct for shifting the neurological underpinnings of a range of psychological problems.” In fact, he adds, “the number of therapists using EFT has been rapidly increasing over the past decade, and now peer-reviewed research is showing that their instincts have been right. Surprisingly rapid outcomes with a variety of disorders are being documented.”

Excerpt from the online newspaper ‘The Huffingpost’