Energetic Body Balance

We hold our memories and experiences within an energetic field that surrounds and envelops our bodies. This field has sometimes been called our Aura, the Matrix, the Divine Matrix or our Morphic Field.  For centuries science and religion successfully separated the brain and the body as two separate entities. And then our Spirit was outside this mix all together.  Research has shown that there is a direct link between how we feel and how we think. Carolyn Myss says ‘Our Biography becomes our Biology. Dr Bruce Lipton has done enormous research into Epigenetics and how the cells of our body are affected by thoughts.

Using this Body/Mind connection and working with muscle testing, and your body’s biofeedback mechanism Jeanne is able to tap into the holding patterns in your body. With gentle relaxation techniques, massage, trigger points and EFT she supports you to recognise where your body is locking in an emotion or pattern and find safe and easy ways to release it. She also uses support wedges that are worn in your shoes to further support the shift.