Exploring Vulnerability and Intimacy




Vulnerability and Intimacy

We have journeyed alone and now it is time to journey together.

My little workroom is a safe haven – for me and for quite a few of the women that come to see me. I know that because they either breathe out very deeply as they sink into the large old battered armchair, or because they allow themselves to cry. One lady says that she’ never cries unless she in that room and it must be something I put in the oil lamp!’

This got me thinking and working more deeply this year around the space of feeling safe. Which of course led me to explore feeling vulnerable.

16 years ago I made a commitment with Linden  Рto keep exploring and pushing the boundaries of intimacy, trust and vulnerability in our relationship. And in order to do that I needed to explore those aspects in myself first.

And that’s what I’ve been doing this year especially – taking it deeper and being more honest, more real, more quiet, more surrendering, more letting go, more feeling into the old hurts and what if’s and if onlys. Sometimes I feel so open and connected and wise. And then sometimes it’s so darn hard and sore. There have been times that I wish I could just sit and stare at nothing and be nothing for a long while – like on a beach somewhere, marooned, without anyone else there –¬† except maybe room service.

Anyway, I digress.

Vulnerability and Intimacy – with ourselves first before we can have relationships with others. We know this. We know that loving ourselves is important and …and…and. And sometimes how????

When we get together as women in a circle we can start creating the space of holding each other as we deeply explore our own relationship with our own vulnerability and intimacy. The women can act as the mirror we need – not the mirror we look in when we are filled with self sabotaging criticisms – rather the mirror of compassion, love and understanding. And we can find the grace to open and hold this for others as they hold it for us.

And it is here in this circle that I have found healing for myself. I invite you to join me in a circle of healing. We can create another way of looking at ourselves and meeting ourselves across the bridges that we have spent our lives creating to define ourselves.

How would we live if we could give life – and ourselves – everything we’ve got.

A Woman’s Workshop on Exploring Vulnerability and Intimacy
Sat 29th October
8.30 for 9.00 – 12.30
Lotus Yoga Studio, Knysna
R500 includes tea