Jaeda, school and eft.

We have all heard the expression that if we want to change something then to look to ourselves first. I know this well and yet so often forget the truth of it.

The power of this thought and using EFT recently had an enormous impact on how I was handling my child at her new school and the impact on the family all round has been so profound that I really wanted to share this with you.

Jaeda started grade 1 this year and although there are some aspects of school she really enjoys, there are some parts that she really is struggling to adapt to – and the main one is homework. She and I hit rock bottom nearly every afternoon with her so called 20 minutes turning into a slog and battle and a lot longer than 20 minutes.

I started dreading homework time. I felt huge anger and frustration and resentment towards the school. It was unfair and wrong to put my child into a homework routine at the age of 6 and in grade.  I judged the school and their policies and soon found fault with almost everything they did. And yet felt helpless and hopeless to change it – apart from taking her out of school and then what???

And so my children started to experience school as difficult, challenging and every morning we battled with them not wanting to go. They both became angry and defensive and resistant. And Josh is only 5 and in play school but even that was proving to be too much for him.

I tried tapping on them, talking to them, bribing them, talking to the teachers, other therapists, considered homeschooling. And then bingo! I got what was going on. I started tapping on myself and how I felt. I totally changed my energy about school, did some Matrix about some memories as a child and my own school career. I totally shifted and changed my expectations about them and school. And in that place visualised what I wanted instead – creating spaces for them to be happy, engaged, and safe, feeling confident, learning easily, accepting and engaging of new work and concepts.

The day after my doing this work I collected Jaeda from school –“hey Mom, I had the best day ever… I did a whole page of maths, no problem!!!”