Matrix Birth Reimprinting (MBR)

Our birth story has an enormous impact on how we see the world. These filters are often set up during our development in the womb and are powerful subconscious programmes that we have taken on before we even were born. Using MBR (Matrix Birth Reimprinting) we have access to releasing any shock, trauma or birth belief that was set up and that may be defining how we perceive ourselves and the world in the present.

MBR is a powerful tool for anyone who would like to reprogram their birth story with a conscious powerful and loving belief system – to change the filters of how they see themselves and their world. It is an opportunity to release any trauma that may be have been experienced by the mother and to distinguish between what was hers and what is ours. As a baby growing in the womb we have no way of distancing between what the mother experiences and what we take on as ours. Now we have the chance to go back and re-align that program of belief patterns.

MBR is also a beautiful and gentle way of releasing any birth trauma – both of our own or having given birth. We are able to go to the ECHO at the moment before birth and support that baby and the parents into a powerful and loving birth experience. This can impact a mother that has experienced a traumatic birth experience and is anxious about having another baby. It is also a powerful technique to create a beautiful and powerful birth experience in the future.