MBR – My story

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is one of the most beautiful and powerful healing techniques I have had the privilege of working with. Here is a session that I did with a colleague around the birth of my daughter Jaeda.

We established that Jeanne was in labour.  Tuning in to how she was feeling – she felt devastated as she had just been told that labour was not progressing, that there were some complications and she would have to have a Caesar.

We spent some time working with her in this space and supporting her to release the fear, shock, disappointment. We also spent some time working with Linden as he was experiencing a lot of shock and sadness and feeling helpless in the face of his wife’s emotions and his own worry about his baby.

What came up was that she couldn’t have what she wanted. When we asked when was the first time she had experienced this she replied 3 years old.  We went down the timeline and found the 3 year old Jeanne.  She was feeling really angry and helpless and upset about something – really not sure what it was and couldn’t get and answer.  So we worked with her feelings around it and supported her to feel better and let this go. When we introduced colour into the session we asked her what colour would support her to feeling better and more empowered , she wanted to roll around in a rainbow.  What a joy she experienced.  And was there anything she wanted that would help her feel that she could get what she wanted and asked for – a magic wand all sparkly and glittery. When we asked where we needed to go from this space it was back to the labour ward and to bring the young child with us.

We brought the 3 yr old back up the timeline and she joined us in the labour ward.  Tuning in to how Jeanne was feeling now after the release of the much younger part of her, she felt much easier and calmer.  What was interesting was that the baby Jaeda also felt that she couldn’t have what she wanted and she plays this out quite strongly in her life now.  It makes sense that at the moment of her birth she was experiencing these very strong emotions from her mother,  remember that in this space there is no separation between the mother and her baby – the baby takes on everything the mother is feeling as her own. So it is no suprise that this followed through as a core belief.

We asked the baby in the womb what she wanted and if we could work with her and the younger Jeanne, now dressed in a fairy tutu and the mother Jeanne, crawled up together in the womb with the baby and spent some time being and releasing this energy.

When she was much calmer and ready to claim that she could have what she wanted and was feeling more powerful and in control we asked her if she was ready to go through the birth process and if she and Jaeda wanted any changes.

Jeanne’s original plan had been to have a water birth.  So we checked in with her about what she wanted – a water birth, and where – in front of the fireplace at home. Who there – Linden, Estia, Emma.

Gently we allowed Jeanne to set the scene in her imagination, taking in every sense that she could, the light, how she felt in the water, smells – really engaging all aspects of her into this scene.  Slowly when she was ready we tuned into the labour process and connected with the waves of her body as she moved closer to a place of birthing her baby.  This was done in her own time and she let us know when she was ready or if she needed anything.