“I began seeing Jeanne for regular massages in about 2000. A massage was my way of treating and pampering myself and I remember clearly the sense of anticipation I’d feel driving to see her in her little house in Muizenberg.

Kind of like all the cells in my body were in a state of eager anticipation. My massages were delicious and I was happy. And then the relationship I was in broke down irrevocably and I was bereft, alone and terribly sad. I found myself driving the road to Jeanne’s massage table more frequently to experience the deep and profound sense of release (and relief) I found in her beautiful, calm and healing presence. It was a space in which I could be entirely myself. A space in which I could allow my carefully constructed “exterior” persona to be put aside and in which I could reveal, without fear, the raw, vulnerable hurting part of me. I have never been particularly good at dealing with my own emotions and the relief of having found a person I could trust so completely was profound. Looking back at this two or three year period of my life now, I know with certainty that Jeanne saved my life. She saved me from becoming hard. She saved me from becoming bitter and locked into my own grief and sadness and anger. And when I think of the meaning of the word “healing” this is what she offered me. In the gentlest, kindest and most loving way.

I continue to see Jeanne for a massage whenever I possibly can – it is still one of my all-time biggest treats. And my body knows when it’s going to see Jeanne and I get that exact feeling of fizzy anticipation in the deepest part of me.”