The beautiful healing power of being heard

Yesterday I took part in a profound healing journey. It was a closed group call of a group of women, facilitated by Bennie Naude. Some women I know, others only through skype and sessions we have shared over the ethers. The purpose was to be witnessed as we shared a story.
It was an interesting experience as my original intention was purely to hold space and witness other’s stories. Yet, the night before I had such a vivid dream about something that happened more than 20 years ago and was so triggered by events of the morning that I jumped in and shared my story.
What I experienced was so beautiful. A group that held me as I talked.
At no point did anyone try to fix it, make me feel better, help me see a different perspective or try to change the way I felt.
I felt heard
I felt loved
I felt acknowledged and accepted.
The group presence was powerful enough for the healing to start taking place. A story that I had not told anyone for over 20 years was heard and I felt a weight drop from my belly.
Yes, I felt raw. Also, vulnerable and exposed. That wasn’t comfortable. But I also trusted this group to keep the contract we agreed to at the beginning of the session.
And then I had the opportunity and privilege to listen to others.
It was an amazing morning.

In a group presence there is a value of sharing and being heard. And in a group there is an opportunity for deep healing to happen. Being witnessed and witnessing others brings about a sense of being supported and sharing a common bond, especially as women. It’s very powerful.

I believe that we as women have an enormous responsibility to deeply listen to each other’s stories. There is so much healing that can happen and when that happens, the ripple effects are profound.

What I got from this healing sharing was my responsibility as a mom to teach my children – teach them their rights to say no,to hear that ‘no’ and that no does not mean yes, teach my son what is means to respect women, teach my daughters what it means to respect men. Teach them that it starts with loving and respecting themselves first. The world can change with these few principles.